About Us

Michael and Bridget Davidson of SlimNote Studio & Tiny Toe Press. Photo: Rebecca L. Bennett, Brave Bird Photography

Who We Are

Slimnote Studio was founded in Austin by Michael & Bridget, husband & wife publishers of handmade notebooks & novels. We now operate from our studio in Miami Beach. Thanks for taking the time to hear our story!

Our Story

SlimNote is the first child of Tiny TOE Press (www.tinytoepress.com), established 2011 in Austin. 

While Tiny TOE Press focuses on publishing & hand binding indie novels for readers around the world, SlimNote is committed to hand binding high quality affordable notebooks great for everyday carry.

Our Products

Like our novels, our notebooks are perfect bound with strong yet flexible adhesive (NO STAPLES) using the same tailored process on a jig we designed & built.

We started with only pocket notebooks but have since expanded our capabilities. We are happy to say that now you have the option to choose between three sizes on most of our inventory: TINY (2.5" x 4"), POCKET (3.5" x 5"), LARGE (5" x 8").

A lovely characteristic of our handmade notebooks & novels is a distinctive aesthetic; no two stamped covers or perfect-bound spines end up the same because we make them one by one. 

Between our in-house designs or the option to fully customize your own order, we believe there is a SlimNote for everyone.

If you'd like to get a better idea of how we craft our perfect bound books, check out our time-lapse video, "High Quality Handmade Books:" http://vimeo.com/35819141

Press includes: "Austin.com," "Pens, Paper, Inks and Letters," & "Pens! Paper! Pencils!" If you have any questions, feel free to write us: slimnotenotebooks@gmail.com


-Michael & Bridget

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