*BULK* Classic Kraft Notebook

$ 20.00

This handmade perfect bound notebook (pocket size pictured above) has nothing on the front cover. It's a blank canvas. You're free to decorate it with your own handmade art as you please, or leave it blank.
NOTE: Choose a size- they are listed in batches of 10.

If you're an artist with something specific you want printed on the front, or if you would like to order a "brandless" batch without our logo on back, contact us for custom order quotes. 


TYPE: handpressed, perfect bound notebook

SIZE: TINY 2.5 x 4 inches & POCKET 3.5 x 5 inches & LARGE 5 x 8 inches

COLOR: Kraft Brown cover, white filler paper

MATERIALS: recycled filler paper, permanent ink

PAGES: 50 blank (25 sheets)


Plain Notebook, Pocket Journal, Original Handmade Mini Diary and Jotter, Blank Book, Kraft Paper Notebook



If you're ordering larger quantities, take full advantage of our bulk/wholesale rates!

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