Marine Life Collection

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The serenity of the ocean, with its infinite variety of life, has always managed to fill us with love. 

From 2010-2015, we lived in landlocked Central Texas. Since we couldn't visit the ocean, we did the next best thing and put a few of its residents on the covers of this set of notebooks.

Now we are back in Miami Beach, and we are happy to share a bit of the beach with you!

We like to keep our Marine Life Collection on the coffee table with a pen next to them for writing sea poems or sketching the horizon.

Seahorse, Starfish, and Sea Turtle were hand drawn by Bridget and then printed on your choice of Matte White or Kraft Brown covers. These are original illustrations.


TYPE: collection of 3 handpressed, perfect bound notebooks

SIZE: 3.5 x 5 inches, i.e. fits easily & sleekly into your pockets & purses 

COLOR: White matte or Kraft brown covers

MATERIALS: recycled filler paper

PAGES: 50 blank (25 sheets)

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