Steve Roggenbuck

$ 6.00

"Some days success just means not giving up."

We like this Steve Roggenbuck quote. It's not the only one we like of his, so there will probably be other Steve Roggenbuck notebooks, but for now it's just this one. For those who don't know, Steve Roggenbuck describes himself as "a poet + video artist. [his] work explores (among other things) the new forms that poetry, humor, and spirituality might take on the internet." Learn more about this internet bard here:


TYPE: handpressed, perfect bound White matte or Brown kraft notebook
SIZE: 3.5 x 5 inches, i.e. fits easily & sleekly into your pockets & purses
MATERIALS: recycled filler paper
PAGES: 50 blank (25 sheets)


Steve Roggenbuck Notebook, Pocket Journal, Handmade Mini Diary Jotter, YouTuber Merch, Helvetica Idea Book, Blank Paper Notebook



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